C: In Stock Reminder Privacy Policy

C: In Stock Reminder provides ability to send mail automatically when product instock.

Which type of information that our App collects?

When you install the App, we are automatically able to use certain types of information by using below App permissions:

  • Read Products: Our app uses this scope to access product details, both for pre-order items and in-stock products. This allows you to seamlessly explore and select pre-order items while also enabling us to notify you about the availability of in-stock products through email.
  • Read Themes: This scope is utilized for customer support. It enables us to assess your store's theme to ensure our app functions optimally. In case you encounter any issues with our app not working as expected, this access helps us identify and resolve compatibility issues efficiently.
  • Read Locales: This scope is crucial for translating our app into multiple languages. By accessing your store's language, we can provide accurate and localized translations, enhancing your experience with our app. Additionally, we can use this information to enable you to translate our app data seamlessly into your online store through the markets feature.
  • Read/Write Draft Orders: These scopes help our app manage pre-orders smoothly, including preparing, modifying, and creating orders. They also support easy customer checkout for pre-order items with our app preorder payment method and discounts.
  • Read/Write Orders: These scopes enable our app to enhance your pre-order experience by providing real-time updates on pre-order statuses, efficiently managing and updating pre-order information, and identifying whether an order is for a pre-order or a standard purchase. This ensures a seamless and organized pre-order process tailored to your needs.
  • Write Order Edits: Our app efficiently adjusts pre-order details, ensuring accuracy and accommodating changes. This is specifically applicable when customers utilize the partial payment method for orders containing pre-order items.
  • Merchant Details: We are storing Merchant information as per Shopify requirements so we have idea that when merchant had installed the App as well if App will be uninstalled then using the stored Merchant information, we will have idea that do merchant had used the App before or not?

Third Party Integrations

We are provided features of add merchant email to mailchimp account list.

Mailchimp: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/

Klaviyo: https://www.klaviyo.com/privacy/

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

We are not collecting or storing any of your customer information.

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