C: In Stock Reminder FAQ

C: In Stock Reminder is not Working After Changing Theme.

You need to enable our app.

You can read our Documentation Guide for How to enable app by (click here)

If you need help to figure it out, then please drop an email at supportshpfy@capacitywebsolutions.com

How can I remove App shortcode or block after Uninstallation?

You need to remove the shortcode added to the product listing template/snippets and remove the block added to the product page.

Steps for create API and get list id of Mailchimp

Please refer here "Click Here"

Steps for create API and get list id of Klaviyo

Please refer here "Click Here"

How a merchant can find the "Product Container Selector" for their theme?

Our app functionality is closely connected with your theme HTML structure, so we did our best to test it on different themes and make sure app will work without any manual configuration. But there's always a chance that your theme have some unique elements that will require a bit custom setup - Product selector allow us to point your product if app failed to find it automatically.

For find Product selector right click on Product element and inspect it, Please check below screenshot:

how can i enable app ?

Go to Online Store >> Themes >> Current Theme >> Theme Customize >> Theme Settings >> App Embeds section then just follow below screenshot or watch video guide by (click here) or follow user guide.

App Activate

Disabled the app from the theme settings but Appear the "Notify Me" button on the product listing page without content.

Please disable app in app admin side.

App Activate

Disabled the app from the theme settings(customizer section) but Appear the "Notify Me" and "Preorder" button on the product page.

Please remove "Reminder Button" and "Pre-order" app block in your theme(click here).

What happen if translation unavailable?

Displayed english language in frontend side if translation unavailable.

When are notifications sent for "Coming Soon Products" ?

The notification will be sent at 12.01 am on the product launch date(which is you selected by coming soon tab).

'Notify me' and 'Pre Order' button not displaying in product listings and other similar pages?

It is difficult to get a selector so we recommend using liquid files to the displaying button and other features, please click here.

How to use liquid files for displaying button on product listing pages?

Please read our user guide, click here.

Is it possible for customers to place pre-orders in languages other than the store language and use a partial payment method?

No, and if the customer places a preorder with a partial payment method in different languages so the order is automatically placed in the store currency and language.

How does the 'Discount & Partial Payment' feature handle the checkout process for purchasing pre-order products?

The "Discount & Partial Payment" feature allows a streamlined checkout process for purchasing pre-order products. When customers use this feature, they are directly redirected to the checkout page, bypassing the intermediate cart page. This efficient process is particularly when customers are buying pre-order items with a discount.

How can I collect the balance when customers use the partial payment method?

When customers use the partial payment method to place order with the pre-order item. you need to follow below instruction.

Step-1: Go to Orders from the Shopify sidebar navigation and click on the order you want to collect the remaining balance.

App Activate

Step-2: Scroll through the screen you get and you will find a section like an image below, and click on the Resend Invoice button in it.

App Activate

Step-3: After performing step-2 you will get a popup modal and bottom of the model you will see the Review Invoice button please click on it.

Now you will get below screen.

App Activate

Step-4: You will see the above image, please click on send invoice button so the customer gets an email notification and customer can pay the due balance.

Note: It is a Shopify default process so we can not help out to edit/update if you face any kind of issue in this process please contact your developer or Shopify.